We care about our shareholders because they are the key contributors of NBB’s capital. In NBB, we aim to maintain a robust financial and non-financial performance that result in maximizing the shareholders net worth in a stable manner


We care about our customers because they are key to measuring our success. In NBB, we aim to continuously evolve our offerings in order to elevate the customer’s experience


We care about our employees because they are the enablers of our success. In NBB, our employees' wellbeing, provide equal opportunity, abide by principles of fair treatment, diversity and inclusion


We care about the community for it is where we belong. In NBB, we aim to uphold our resolve to giving back to the community and elevate the status of its various members


We care about our suppliers because they are conduits of our growth. In NBB, we aim for strategic partnerships that strengthen our foundation and build on our strengths

Regulators and Government

We care about the regulators because they ensure the safety of our organization. In NBB, we aim to abide by the regulations and strive to be a role model for others to follow