NBB Supports HH Khalid Bin Hamad Initiative with “Smile” for Children with Cancer’

Khalid bin Hamad: "We commend the distinguished efforts of NBB towards our initiatives that support The Kingdom’s humanitarian efforts and social well-being"

His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, First Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports and President of Bahrain Athletics Association, commended the distinguished efforts of The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) towards His Highness’s initiatives that support the Kingdom’s social wellbeing through ongoing humanitarian efforts.

Commenting on the initiative, His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, said: “We are pleased with the National Bank of Bahrain’s efforts to support our different initiatives, especially those with a humanitarian and societal focus. Launching the initiative with Smile for Children with Cancer aims to provide the necessary support for children with cancer, which goes beyond our personal endeavours and encompasses our national responsibility as individuals, institutes and organisations towards providing the children with moral and social support to aid them on their journey forward. Through this initiative, we will be able to make these children’s dreams come true and help their parents throughout this difficult time. Our goal is to put a smile on the children’s faces and encourage everyone to become part of a nation-wide initiative.”

NBB has announced its support of the KHK Initiative with Smile for Children with Cancer as part of His Highness’ initiatives to support the Kingdom’s social wellbeing through ongoing humanitarian efforts. The endeavour aims to provide psychosocial support to children with cancer in the Kingdom.

In line with the Bank’s ongoing community investment strategy, the initiative centres on making the dreams of children with cancer come true. Upon receiving a letter from each child expressing their dreams, a video call was initiated in coordination with the child’s parents and His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, informing the child that their dream has come true.

The Smile Initiative aims to provide support, hope and optimism for the children, and boost morale in their time of need. This humanitarian act brings a momentary reprieve from the situation, offering joy to both parent and child during this difficult time, as children continue on the road to recovery.

On his end, Mr. Fawzi Kanoo, Second Deputy Chairman of NBB and Member of the Board’s Donations & Contribution’s Committee stated: “We are proud to be a continued supporter of the Kingdom’s ongoing community initiatives, which enable us to actualise the children’s dreams no matter how big or small, as part of the Bank’s sustainability strategy. NBB’s support of His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s initiatives underscores the Bank’s ongoing responsibility towards uplifting and contributing positively towards the Bahraini community. As the leading local bank, NBB pioneers the implementation of initiatives that support the Kingdom and its needs, and endeavours to provide programmes that contribute to the wellbeing of our society.”