NBB Sponsors AGU Campaign at The Avenues Mall for Heart Disease Awareness Month

The National Bank of Bahrain sponsored a 2-day campaign led by the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) to spread awareness amongst the general population on common heart diseases, as part of the Bank’s role to honour Heart Disease Awareness Month.

Senior medical students of the university, presided over by a practicing doctor, screened mall-goers of The Avenues from 10am to 10pm throughout the weekend for common cardiovascular risk factors, including blood pressure measurement and random blood glucose levels.

Mall-goers were also educated on the risks of heart-related maladies, including hypertension and heart attacks, with giveaways & coupons awarded to visitors who possessed a better understanding of heart conditions.

The medical students also collected data for further studies in the field, and were joined by board-certified cardiologists from The Bahrain Defense Force Hospital (BDF) & Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

The sponsorship is part of NBB’s endeavours to promote health and wellbeing within the Kingdom, and aligns with the Bank’s goals to enhance its community investment as part of its brand promise to enrich the lives of generations.