NBB Attends Award Ceremony of Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs’ National Lamea Programme

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) recently attended the final Awards ceremony of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affair’s (MOYA) Lamea programme. NBB is a strategic partner of the programme, which concluded its first edition, selecting its three winners out of 131 entrants.

The programme is one of the Ministry’s initiatives, in cooperation with the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration, and was created to identify distinguished Bahraini youth and equip them with the skills and guidance to become young leaders, contributing to the Kingdom’s economic prosperity.

Lamea welcomed 75 private and public sector entities and 131 nominated entrees, of which 30 candidates qualified to the final stage. Amongst the final stage candidates was NBB employee Mohamed Kamal. Through a series of challenging tests and international training programmes, 3 winners were selected to play an active role in contributing to the planning and proposal of important projects across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Commenting on the occasion, His Excellency (H.E.) Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed’s, Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, said: “As the first edition of the Lamea Programme has come to an end, I would like to thank all the participants for their hard work throughout. The sheer amount of talent and potential demonstrated has been incredible. I have the utmost confidence that all participants will excel in their future endeavours. I would like to congratulate the winners on this achievement and look forward to see them continue their journey, as they contribute towards elevating the Kingdom’s economic performance to new heights.”

The Programme provided a framework that promoted advanced leadership and analytical & design thinking. Moreover, it investigated key areas, such as policy making, scientific research and current and future industry trends, providing participants with a holistic approach to leadership.

Jean-Christophe Durand, CEO of the National Bank of Bahrain, said: “NBB is proud to be part of this initiative that aligns with the Bank’s ongoing commitment towards uplifting Bahraini youth and encouraging them to contribute towards a prosperous economy and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. I would like to applaud all participants on their outstanding efforts and congratulate all the winners of the first edition of the Lamea Programme and specifically our staff member Mohamed Tariq Kamal for qualifying in the final round of the programme. I look forward to seeing what the young leaders have in store, as they pave the way for future generations to come.”

NBB is committed to investing in youth development, as part of the Bank’s Economic, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) pillar, allowing the Kingdom’s rising generation to positively contribute to the Kingdom’s society and economy in pursuit of the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.