Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

NBB Mobile banking service has been enhanced to give you better online banking experience. NBB’s Mobile Banking platform offers services like Enquiries on Accounts and Credit Cards, Transfers, Fawri+, Fawri, Fawateer, Remittances, Payments, Personal Finance Management (PFM) and many more.

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Switch to the new NBB Mobile App.

  • The old Mobile App. Username and Password will not work.
  • If you have already registered in the new Internet Banking, please Login to the new Mobile App. with the same Username and Password.
  • If you have not registered with new Internet Banking, you will need to register with new Mobile Banking.
  • Going forward, you will be able to login to the new Internet and Mobile Banking using the same Username and Password. Enjoy the new NBB Mobile App. experience!

Some of the services available through NBB Mobile Banking are:

  • On-line information on your accounts including available balance and Account statement download in pdf or xls format.
  • Credit card balances including billed & unbilled transactions, available limit, recent transactions and Credit Card statement download in pdf or xls format.
  • Blocking and Replacing Credit / Debit Card and Updating Supplementary Credit card limit.
  • Account and Card e-statement registration.
  • Funds transfer between own accounts, Fawri+, Fawri and international remittances to pre-registered beneficiaries.
  • Fixed Deposit Account opening and Change Maturity Instructions.
  • Payments to your credit card or any other NBB credit card.
  • Make and receive payment to and from another NBB account holders through phone, without disclosing any account numbers.
  • Payment of utility bills using Fawateer services. - E.g. Water & Electricity, Batelco and Zain and many more.
  • Personal Finance Management (PFM) – Add Goal and Budget, register Spending’s and compare budget vs spending’s.
  • Creation, & deletion of beneficiaries for recurrent bill payments, and many more...
  • Improved branch and ATM locator with navigation, IBAN Calculator, Account and Card nick name creation and many more…

What’s new in this version?

We have introduced the following enhancements for your convenience.

Mobile and Internet Banking credentials

For your convenience, in the new version your Mobile Banking and Internet Banking User ID and Password will be the same. No need to set up and remember separate User ID & Password for each channel.

You will now enjoy the same look & feel, features and functionalities in both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking channels, making it more convenient to use either channel. You can create Beneficiary, Payee, Standing Instructions etc. on Internet Banking channel and use them on Mobile Channel and vice versa. You can now also save your transaction on one channel and execute the same from the other channel!

Favorite Transactions

Save your frequently used transactions as “Favorite transaction” and use this facility later to execute the transactions with just a few clicks.

Standing Instruction

You can enjoy facility of creating and viewing your Standing Instructions across the Internet Banking & Mobile banking channels.

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

You can set your own Goals or Targets and the budget required to fulfil these Goals. You can also register your spending and compare the same across various categories and pre-set budgets.

Alternate and Multiple way of Authentication and Soft Token

You can login and perform your transaction by authenticating yourself in multiple ways

  • By receiving an One-Time-Password (OTP) via SMS
  • By downloading NBB’s Soft Token Application on your Mobile Device
  • By answering your security question

You can download NBB soft token application from respective App stores (Apple and Google Play). This will allow you to generate an OTP immediately through the application to complete your transactions. No need to wait for SMS to be delivered on your mobile.

Manage your own Limits

You now have the flexibility to set your own transaction limits (within the overall limits allowed). You can therefore reduce risk by setting lower transaction limits if you so desire.

Credit Card and Loan Request

You can request for new Credit Card or Loan from the bank and our representatives will get in touch with you to help with your application.

We have introduced the following enhancements for your convenience

  • User id and Password for Mobile and Internet Banking will be the same.
  • You can set your own personal Goals and Budget using Personal Finance Management (PFM)
  • You can enjoy facility of creating and viewing Standing Instructions
  • Multiple way of Authentication and Soft Token Application.
  • Customer can also set frequently used transactions as “Favorite transaction”.
  • Customers can set own Transaction Limits.
  • Customers can request for new Credit Card or Loan from the bank.

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