Dear Customers, As has always been the case, there are no charges associated with cash withdrawals from savings and current accounts for NBB customers across banks ATM networks in line with CBB regulations. Information about ATM cash withdrawal charges that have been circulated on some social media channels are for the Taabeya Card ONLY in line with the terms and conditions of this prepaid credit card product.
NBB SignVideo

NBB SignVideo

Our exclusive Sign Video service now enables our hearing-impaired customers to access an online interpreter easily, allowing them to communicate with us through the sign language service. The service enables hearing-impaired customers to connect to an interpreter, the interpreter will assist them in a fast and secured process. This service is launched to serve our valuable customers providing them with convenient solutions along with our variety of financial services. 

What Services are available through the SignVideo service?

  • Accounts and cards enquiries
  • Debit and credit cards disputes
  • Transfers and remittance enquires
  • E-channels support
  • Branch timings

How does it work?

* To connect with an NBB SingVideo Agent, you will need to:

  • Download the latest version of Skype from 
  • Create a new Skype account using your Microsoft account or use your existing Skype account that is linked to a Microsoft account.
  • Enter [email protected] in the search field and click Search Skype
  • Select [email protected] and choose the video call icon to start the video call with NBB’s call center interpreter.

Required Operating system:

* Before using the SignVideo please make sure of the following requirements:

  • PC/Mobile with a webcam
  • Latest Skype application installed on your PC/Mobile.
  • Internet connection with bandwidth of at least 256 kbp/s upload & download (384kbp/s recommended).

* This service from NBB is free and is available from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm