To avoid financial losses, ensure the correctness of all transactional SMS messages received from the Bank and review your account statement regularly to avoid fraud attempts. Never disclose your account, card, and PIN details to anyone. Please report any suspicious transactions immediately to 17214433.
Savewave Savings Account



Savewave Savings Account

Tailored for students and young adults

Features & Benefits:

  • Uniquely designed ATM/Debit card.
  • No minimum balance charges.
  • Free transfer of funds can be made by a parent to the SaveWave account through Standing Order.
  • Maximum daily withdrawal limit can be set by a parent for free.
  • Free 24 hour telephone banking.
  • Automatic inclusion in Al Watani raffle scheme, providing instant eligibility to win monthly cash and mega prizes.
  • Semi-annual administration charge of 850 fils.

How to Apply:

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