NBB has made a donation to Migrant Workers Protection Society as part of its support of its humanitarian efforts to help expatriate workers in Bahrain to achieve their basic human rights in accordance with internationally recognized standards. NBB has been supporting all activities that aim to achieve substantial social benefits for all segments of the public, including non-Bahraini workers that lack awareness of their civil rights in the country.

Manama – 8 August 2018: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced that staff from across all levels in the Bank completed a high-level one-day training workshop “Delivering Success in a Competitive World” over the course of 10 days.

Mamana-(July 31, 2018) National Bank of Bahrain (NBB), congratulate His Highness Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad and the Bahrain Football Association on the launch of the newly named Naser Bin Hamad Premier League. This is a significant milestone for Bahraini football and reflects the dedication and vision of His Highness to drive even greater advancement in the sport and take Bahraini football to new heights.

Manama – 5 August 2018: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced the first loan promotion winner for the Bank’s AlWatani personal loan promotion. The lucky winner was selected through a raffle draw and won back BD15,000 of his loan amount. The winner, Rashed Khalifa Rashed Ahmed AlBinzayed, was presented with the award at NBB’s Manama Main Branch in the presence of NBB’s Management team.

Manama – 29 July 2018: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced the first three winners for the Bank’s Mastercard credit and debit cardholders cash-back draws. The lucky winners were selected based on their Mastercard spending and purchases for the last two months. The winners, Sayed Ebrahim Adnan Naser Alawi Hashem, Noor Jamal Hammad and Fatin Ebrahim Mohammed Al Moayed, won $ 5,000 each.