National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) today announced 15 lucky winners of its flagship “AlWatani Savings Scheme” for the month of June 2018 totaling US$100,000. Among the winners is the one year old Amna Abdulshaeed Hussain Abdulla Ali, the youngest saver to ever win with the Scheme. Details of the other lucky winners are available on the Bank’s website and Bank’s social media account @nbbonline.

The new enhanced prizes of the 2018 AlWatani Savings scheme provides customers the chance to win an even bigger array of valuable prizes. This includes a generous amount of monthly cash prizes in addition to the largest Dream Prize ever to be offered in the Kingdom of Bahrain comprising US$1 million in cash, a luxury villa in Riffa Views and Porsche SUV all for one winner.

Commenting, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Ahmed, Chief Executive – Retail, Commercial and SMEs Banking at NBB, said, “We are delighted to announce the lucky monthly cash prize winners for the AlWatani Saving Scheme. We are grateful for the loyalty of our customers and continue our focus on not only providing them with the best products and services but also the best rewards in the market. To this end, we have developed and launched an exciting prize package for our AlWatani Savings Scheme in 2018 and look forward to announcing new winners each month.”

Qualifying AlWatani customers are automotically entered in the draws in addition to eligible Savings and Savewave accounts, which maintain the minimum required balances. No special accounts or certificates need to be opened or purchased.