- Ground breaking new projects in Muharraq & Jaaw to improve the availability of healthcare services and facilities for all segments of the Bahrain’s society -


Manama – 1 July 2019: National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) continues to increase its contributions and support for initiatives aimed at further enhancing social and economic development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Key among its efforts and areas of focus has been the Bank’s commitment to increasing its engagement with a broad range of existing healthcare organisations and charities as well as support for ground breaking new projects all aimed at improving the quality, availability and delivery of healthcare services, facilities and access for all segments of Bahraini society. Towards this end, NBB has worked closely with the healthcare sector and community to further strengthen established relationships, forge new partnerships and deliver nearly BHD 10 million worth of funding commitments over the past two years alone.

As the Kingdom’s national bank, NBB has put the welfare of the community and those it serves central to its purpose and its social responsibility goals. The importance of the Bank’s community engagement is underscored by a Board level committee dedicated to its management and the allocation of funding. Each year, NBB earmarks 5% of its total annual net profits for the support of noteworthy social initiatives and charitable causes with healthcare one among several key pillars.

Among the notable healthcare initiatives supported by NBB over the past two years has been financing for the new Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Hospital in Muharraq. NBB has committed to covering all expenses for the MS centre’s construction on behalf of the Ministry of Health at an estimated cost of BHD 1.7 million over the next 3 years with works supervised by the Ministry. An even larger project supported by NBB is the development of the new medical centre in the Jaaw Area. NBB has made a financial commitment to constructing, refurbishing and equipping the Khalifa City Health Centre in Jaaw, a project that will be completed at an approximate cost of BHD 6 million by the second half of 2021. NBB’s assistance will aid in the financing of the building and in the fit out of the centre and its medical equipment.

A host of other ongoing partnerships and support further characterise NBB’s commitment to improvements in healthcare. This includes the donation of equipment over the past two years to leading local hospitals including the Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital and the Sh. Mohammed Cardiac Centre as well as to organisations such as the Red Crescent Society and Bahrain Mobility International, ongoing support for the elderly through the NBB Elderly Home and the raising of awareness and funds for children with cancer, breast cancer and drug dependency and weight loss, among others.

Commenting, Mr. Farouk Almoayed, Chairman of NBB said, “Bahrain’s healthcare sector, guided by the Ministry of Health, continues to grow, develop and improve in order to provide the best levels of care to the community. NBB is extremely pleased to be a part of these efforts and to support the invaluable work of the Ministry and of the many hospitals, healthcare organisations and charities who are working harder than ever to ensure Bahrainis have access to the latest technologies, innovations and healthcare resources. What lies at the core of NBB’s mission is to support the social and economic development of Bahrain and health is among the foremost areas where we aim to put the weight and contributions of NBB’s purpose and our human and financial capital. We look forward to building on the traction we have made in integrating our CSR activities within the healthcare sector as we continue to prioritise giving back and getting closer to those we serve.”

In addition to the Bank’s giving in the healthcare sector, other core pillars of NBB’s Donations & Contributions mandate are education, social services and youth initiatives in addition to the allocation of funds for a range of other projects and activities aimed at supporting the Kingdom’s national development agenda.