To avoid financial losses, ensure the correctness of all transactional SMS messages received from the Bank and review your account statement regularly to avoid fraud attempts. Never disclose your account, card, and PIN details to anyone. Please report any suspicious transactions immediately to 17214433.



To report complaints on any of NBB`s products & services, please send your complaint by e-mail to the Customer Complaint Officer:

Customer Complaint Officer:

Telephone No.:


Bashar Al Banna


[email protected] 

  • We urge you to first contact the bank for any complaints and approach CBB only for escalation purposes in case your complaint has not been resolved by the Bank in time or to your satisfaction.
  • You should send complaints against any NBB staff, directly to the Customer Complaint Officer (e-mail :[email protected] or letter addressed to To: Customer Complaint Officer, National Bank of Bahrain, P. O. Box 106, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain) and not through any other channel in order to ensure confidentiality, impartiality and effectiveness in handling such complaints.
  • The Bank will advise the customer about the Bank’s final decision within 4 weeks of receiving the complaint.

To view the Grievance Form, click here.