Tamweel Al Watani

As a small and medium business owner, you can enjoy a Term Loan up to BHD 100,000/- repayable over 5 years at a competitive price.

To ensure that your application is approved, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. If you don’t meet the requirements set by the Bank, your application may be rejected.

To apply, please make sure to meet the following initial requirements:

  1. The purpose of the loan is financing company’s working capital requirements and/or business expansion.
  2. Average Business annual turnover for the last three years should not be exceeding BHD 3 Million per year.
  3. Total number of employees should not be exceeding 100 workers.
  4. For sole owned firms, owner should not exceed 60 years of age at time of application.
  5. Applicants must provide audited financials for the last 3 three financial years, as well as the latest in-house financials of the current year.


If you see yourself fitting the basic requirements above, please email the application form to tamweel@nbbonline.com


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For any further queries, you can reach us through the following contact numbers:

  1. Our Contact Centre on 17214433
  2. Commercial & SME Relationship Managers on 17582666 , 17205794