26 June 2016   
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TaabeyaWelcome to the new Taabeya MasterCard from NBB. A unique card from NBB which allows you to spend exactly how much you want to.

The new Taabeya MasterCard is issued with a 0 (Nil) credit limit and hence functions like a prepaid card. It offers you all the comforts of a credit card but without the bother of keeping a tab on your spending. This new card is welcomed at almost all merchant outlets in the Kingdom of Bahrain and thousands of establishments across the globe.

The new Taabeya MasterCard comes with a host of unique features and benefits:

  • Reduced risk of carrying /losing cash.
  • Better control on spending since you can now control exactly how much you wish to spend and refill the card accordingly
  • Easy to apply: Minimum documentation required. No salary transfer is needed. All you need to have is a saving or current account with NBB.
  • No annual fees: A nominal fee of BD 2 will be charged at the time of application
  • No charges for cash withdrawal from NBB ATMs
  • Monthly statements to keep track of expenses
  • Can be put to multiple use:
      o Parents can give it to children by crediting their pocket money
      o Can be filled for lower amounts for use on the Internet
      o Can be used as a normal credit card
      o Easy to use while travelling since part of their funds can be carried on the card
  • Secure since most transactions are based on the customer's unique PIN (secret number)
  • Convenient payment channels: payments can be made at branches, through Internet Banking or over the phone through the IVR ( like other NBB credit cards)
  • Free Call Center Service: Just call (+973) 17 21 44 33, 24 hours a day

Please click here for the terms & conditions. For more information, call us on 17214433.

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